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यो पृष्ठमा निर्माण कार्य भइरहेको छ ।

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Additional Support

Make changes to your policy or your details has never been easier. Just pick the appropriate form and download it.
Find Additional Support

Make changes to your policy or your details has never been easier. Just pick the appropriate form and download it.Complete the form and mail it to us with additional request documents or payments at

American Life Insurance Company Nepal,

Attention: Customer servioce and conservational Department

Narayani  Complex

Pulchowk, Lalitpur.

PO Box: 11590

Or you can fax the form to +977 1 5555173

If you have any questions, call us at +977 1 5555 166 or email us at

Additional Support
Amending your details Collapsed Expanded

Personal Information Update / Change of Address
Do you need to update your personal information or addresses in our record book. If so please click here to download the personal information update form. 

We aim to address your request within one business day.

Amending your policy Collapsed Expanded

Do you need to change any details on the policy that you hold? You will find below the forms and the basic information that you would need to make these changes. 

a.    Increase of Face Amount
We can increase the face amount of your ordinary life policy within 6 months from the policy effective date. This is however, subject to the submission of satisfactory evidence of insurability and an explanation from the policy owner  with satisfactory reason for increasing the amount.

The documents you would need to provide include the Policy document CSC-27 Form click here, CSC-20 Form click here, and reports from a medical examination, if required by the company. You would also need to make a  payment for the difference in premiums with interest along with the currently due premium.

b.    Reduction of Face Amount
The face amount of your ordinary life policy can be reduced at the request of the policy owner at the paid to date. If the request for  reduction of face amount is before the policy has acquired the Basic Cash Value, then no refund in premium will be made. However, if the request is made when the policy has acquired the basic cash value, the difference in cash value  will be refunded to the policy owner.

The reduction in face amount takes effect from the premium due date. 

The requested face amount of insurance should not be less than minimum face amount for the particular policy. 
The documents you would need to provide include Form CSC-27, the policy document and the current  due premium.

c.    Addition of Rider
A policy owner can increase various types of coverage on his life by adding riders to an existing ordinary life policy.
These riders can be added from the premium due date. 

The riders that are available include Accidental Death Benefit, Disability Protection Rider, Waiver of Premium, Personal Accident.

To understand each rider in detail and to determine which rider best suits you and your circumstances, do call us at +977 1 5555166 and we will arrange for one of our Personal Advisors to meet with you.

To add a rider, the documents you would need to provide include CSC-27 Form, CSC-20 Form and the policy document. You would need to also pay the current due premium including rider premium.

d.    Deletion of Rider
A rider can be cancelled on any premium due date by a written request from the policy owner.
The request for cancellation must however be submitted before the grace period.
To cancel a rider, the documents you would need to provide include CSC-27 Form, the policy document. You would also need to pay the current due premium.

Need a loan or partial withdrawal or surrender policy? Collapsed Expanded

a.    Policy Loan
A policy becomes eligible for loan after the payment of the premium for 2 full years. You can available a loan of up to 85% of the surrender value of the policy at a compound interest rate of 12% per annum.
You need to note that the policy will be auto-surrendered if the total indebtedness becomes equal to or higher than the total surrender value.
To avail the loan you would need to submit a Loan Agreement and Policy Document.

b.    Partial Maturity Payment
You can request a partial maturity payment for a Three Payment Plan. This benefit becomes due the premiums have been regularly paid and as per the below schedule.
First Partial Maturity           - After completion of the first 1/3 period of the policy
Second Partial Maturity     - After completion of 2/3 period of the policy.

To request a partial maturity payment you need to provide an Application for Payment of Partial Maturity under Three Payment Plan and Undertaking for Discharge.  Please click here to download the partial maturity payment application.

c.    Request for Surrender of Insurance

To surrender a policy, you would need to provide the Policy document, the Application for Policy Surrender and you need to complete Discharge voucher.
You need to know that a policy becomes eligible for surrender only after you have paid the premium for 2 full years. The company would then pay the net surrender value of the policy to you.

We aim to address all policy change and surrender requests within 3 business day and all loan requests within 2 business days. Requests for partial maturity will be addressed within 1 business day.

How to reactivate your lapsed policy Collapsed Expanded

If you missed a payment and are worried about your policy being invalid contact us as soon as possible.  In most cases we can simply re-activate your plan, with no loss of cover. 

a.    Simple Reinstatement
This is the process of putting a lapsed or auto-surrendered policy back to in-force.

We would require the below mentioned 
      •    Overdue premium plus current premium with late fee @ 12% per annum on overdue premium on ordinary life policy, which is applicable 
            if paying after 90 days from due date.
      •    CSC-20 form click here
      •    Medical examination, if required by the company.

Please note that a reinstated policy is contestable for 2 years from the date of reinstatement.

b.    Reinstatement by Re-dating
This process can be adopted for certain ordinary life policies where the premium has not been paid for 2 full years and the policy has lapsed for at least six months. Other points to note for reinstatement by re-dating include

      •    If the policy owner is unable to pay all the overdue premium and accrued late fee then reinstatement by re-dating is permitted subject to the evidence of insurability.
      •    Plan change is not allowed along with the reinstatement by re-date.
      •    Premiums will be calculated based on the attained age of the insured.
      •    Total Payable Amount would be the current premium plus any difference in premium and the interest on difference of premium.
      •    Reinstatement by re-dating is allowed only once during the life time of the policy.

You would need to provide the Policy document, CSC-27 Form click here requesting reinstatement by re-dating,  CSC-20 Form click here and results of a medical examination, if required by the company

We aim to address all simple re-instatement requests within 1 business day and all reinstatement by re-dating within 3 business days.

Have your circumstances changed? Collapsed Expanded

We want to make sure that you always have the right protection for your circumstances.  If things change – for example, you may start a family, move jobs or emigrate – this could seriously affect the amount or type of protection you need.

a.    Plan Change

We have provided below some of the pre-conditions for making changes to an ordinary life plan:
      •    Change to Endowment Plan where premium payment period is less than 10 years is considered only within first 6 months.
      •    Endowment policy can not be changed if it is within 5 years of maturity.
      •    A change to three payment plan will be allowed only if there is at least one year left for payment of the first installment of partial maturity.
      •    Plan change and reduction of face amount can not be requested simultaneously.

However, you may want to speak with us before you decide on how to proceed. So if you need any specific information on your plan and how the changes can be made, just call us on at  +977 1 5555166 so we can make sure you’re still receiving the right level of protection.

You need to provide the policy document. Beside this you have to fill the following forms:
CSC-27 (click here to download the form)  and
CSC-20 (click here to download the form) 
You may need to make a payment for the difference of premiums along with interest.

Lost your policy? Collapsed Expanded

You don’t need to worry ! We can issue you with a duplicate policy if the original document is lost / destroyed. 

You would need to submit a Declaration form of lost policy. To download the form click here. We will issue you with a new policy for a fee of NRs. 50.00 and stamp charges.

Please note that all cost of re-issuance is borne by the policy owner.

We aim to address all duplicate policy requests within 3 business days from the date of receipt of the request.

Want to change Beneficiary of your policy? Collapsed Expanded

If you want to change the beneficiary of your policy, you can change revocable beneficiary by completing policy changes form CSC- 27, click here to download. Please note that the insurable interest should exist between insured and designated beneficiary.

We aim to address change beneficiary request within 3 business days.

Not sure what to do Collapsed Expanded

If you have any queries on any of the processes, forms or even the eligibility of your policy for changes,  simply write to us or call us and we will help you through it.

You can write to us at 
American Life Insurance Company,
Narayani  Complex
Pulchowk, Kathmandu.
PO Box: 11590

Or you can Call us at  +977 1 5555166 or Fax us your query at  +977 1 5555173

Or even email us at 

If you have any concerns or comments on our service, you can write to our Customer Services Department at the above address.