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यो पृष्ठमा निर्माण कार्य भइरहेको छ ।

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Premium Calculator

Use our calculator to see how much you need for the financial protection you want.

To plan for the future, you need solutions that help you manage the present.

At MetLife, we want to help you make the decisions easily. Our Premium Calculators provide a quick look into the savings you'll need for the insurance protection you want. Whether you provide for your children's education or to safeguarrd your family should the unfortunate happen to you, these calculators will help you better understand your investments for your future.

Premium Calculators

Minimum Annual Premium = NRs 12,000, Maximum Annual Premium = NRs 30,00,000

Minimum Term = 5 Years, Maximum Term = 20 Years

Method A:

Select (a) Sum Assured or Coverage amount, and (b) Term of insurance coverage

Annual Premium = Sum Assured or Coverage amount / Term

Example: Annual Premium for a 20-year Policy with Sum Assured Rs. 500,000 is Rs. 25,000 – calculated by dividing 500,000 by 20

Method B:

Select (a) Annual Premium, and (b) Term of insurance coverage

Sum Assured or Coverage amount = Annual Premium X Term

Example: Sum Assured or Coverage amount of a 20-year Policy paying Rs. 25,000 Annual Premium Rs. 500,000 – calculated by multiplying 25,000 by 20

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